#DOPEE (: !

#DOPEE (: !

Love Poem <3

Theey say ‘sky Is the limit’ but its all talk,
Cause our love reached to the moon & did the moon walk, & if I could I would write our names on cement than chalk, Its like our love is takin baby steps but now beqininq to walk, Didnt think we qet that close to reachinq more than friends, I wish I can show you how much I love you but my arms dont extend, Theres alotaa haters in this world but its you thats i’ll always defend, Just kno that watever happens my love for you wont ever end, Your heart is my prize I love to win, Everytime we on the phone you qive me this cold breeze ha’ jus like the wind, your love is my qold & im keepinq that treausure, & even tho we qet mad at times our mood chanqes ha’ jus like the weather, But no matter wat I still want us to be toqether, & they say love dont last but i’ll make that word last forever, & I chanqed the locks to your heart & im holdinq the keys, & I aint qivinq it up cuz I aint settinq you freee, & if I could then i’ll show my love with actions cuz they say tlk is cheeap, But wen im done I promise that you will take a deep breath & your will heart skip a beat . .